Head massagers use the principles of acupressure and reflexology to improve overall health. The healing powers of head massaging techniques has been known for centuries. Ayurvedic practitioners use head massage, also known as “champissage, ” to stimulate energy flow through the chakras.

The benefits of head massaging include stress relief, pain management, hair growth, and improved circulation. Head massage provides an overall increase in one’s sense of well-being. There are several options for in-home head massage.

The first type of massager is a hand-held rubber device with rounded tips. These are useful in the shower, when the hair is wet. Conditioner or oil can be combined with this tool.

Other wooden massagers have a tripod shape that can be rolled over the various pressure points on the head, providing deep relaxation. Metal massagers often fit over the whole head, their tips stimulating nerve endings and hair follicles. Roller massagers have moving rollers that slide over the head or temples. The benefit of a temple massage is that it also releases sinus pressure

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